Veterinary Clinic Insurance

Being such a unique service, Veterinary Practices face risks seldom seen within other industries. Secure your business-practice for the long-term with Insureberry Insurance Agency.

The Importance of Veterinary Clinic Insurance

Veterinarians have the well-being of our beloved animals in their hands. Unfortunately, when health is not restored, the blame can be directed to the vet professionals. Lawsuits can be filed based on advice given, medication administered, surgery undertaken, and more. Our professional indemnity insurance covers businesses against these claims and helps remove the stress that accompanies them.


Aside from the risks faced as a result of the emotional reliance placed upon our vets, practices should consider cover for material damage and financial loss. Our policies protect the high-value equipment used to help our furry friends.

Insureberry veterinary insurance proudly helps practices back on their feet following fire damage, accidental-harm, or theft. Whether it’s replacing equipment or providing financial cover following loss of earnings, we can tailor a policy to meet the needs of any business.

How Much Does Veterinary Insurance Cost?

Several factors contribute to the price of your veterinary insurance. As a starting point, we consider the make-up of each practice, varying from the size of the premises to the number of employees. Moving forward, our policies can be tailored specifically to individual practices and their unique requirements. This allows us to ensure that you only pay for what you really need and can avoid any unnecessary extras.
As your business develops, we appreciate your coverage may also need to grow. A quick phone call is all it takes to make any advancements you see fit. The Insureberry agents are well-equipped to give you a full run-down of policy options and provide a quote that delivers full protection at an exceptional value.

Insureberry Leads the Pack When it Comes to Veterinary Clinic Insurance

For unrivaled value and dependable financial support look no further than Insureberry Insurance Agency. It’s our mission to find the ideal policy for your veterinary practice and deliver peace of mind and trust, that will ultimately filter down to all pet-owners.

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