General Liability

Leave nothing to chance. Safeguarding your livelihood has never been easier with Insureberry agency’s access to commercial insurance.

Full Business Protection

Shield your business against liability claims ranging from personal or advertising injury to medical payments. Our commercial insurance provides coverage to your company against claims resulting from normal business operations. Whatever the line of work, a level of risk ensues, which ultimately leads to incidents. 

Without adequate coverage, these claims can send financial shockwaves through businesses. We are on hand to make sure our clients have a policy to match their level of exposure.

Is This the Correct Insurance for You?

Business owners should be covered by suitable commercial liability insurance. While commercial liability is not a requirement in the eyes of the law, running a business without it can be an expensive mistake. All it takes is one innocent slip or trip and your company might be liable for the resulting fees.

At Insureberry, we regularly issue general liability coverage for contractors. Our expert team has delivered the perfect commercial and general liability insurance to thousands of clients. Call today for a quote or begin your application online.

Types of Commercial Claims

  • Medical payments should a visitor hurt themselves whilst on your grounds
  • Personal and advertising injury such as copyright infringement claims following your business’s advertisements
  • Damage to business premises rented to you
  • Bodily injury and property damage liability through the fault of your business
  • Products completed operations

How Much Will Commercial Insurance Cost?

Insureberry offers the best value on commercial policies and provides the best service alongside. Now, while we cannot provide a generic figure for all our customers, we can explain how and why each cost is calculated.

The first factor we’d look at is the type of industry you’re in. Construction commercial insurance, for example, would offer a higher risk than an administrative office and therefore causes the cost to be greater. We assess the size of the company, the experience, the building conditions, and the location.

The most important thing to us is to create a trusting relationship with our clients so that we can tailor the ideal policy. The more we can understand and appreciate the operations of your business, the better we can tweak your coverage to provide the very best deal.

Give us a call or request a quote online to find out how much we can save you on your insurance.

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