Special Event Insurance

Special Event Insurance provides coverage for hundreds of event types from picnics to weddings to festivals to marathons. We love a good party!

The Importance of Special Event Insurance

If someone was to get hurt at an event of yours or expensive equipment gets damaged, what would that mean for you? When things go sideways, Special Event insurance is there to ensure you never should worry about unexpected bills or loss due to a lawsuit.

Our team is experienced and knowledgeable in providing the best-suited coverage for your chosen event. Think of us as a special event tent covering you just in case great weather turns into a deluge.

How Much Will Your Event Cost to Insure?

The Special Event insurance is tailored to your event’s specific needs. Of course, the cost of your coverage will fluctuate depending on the event length, it’s location, the number of people attending, and the types of activities involved (are they hazardous). Nevertheless, we pride ourselves on honest and transparent insurance. Contact Insureberry’s expert consultants to discuss your plans and find the perfect protection to match your perfect event.

Special Event Cancellation Insurance

Choosing the right coverages will save you tons of unnecessary frustration. Sleep better knowing that your budget is protected should your event get postponed or canceled.

An Easy Process for a Complex Event

Planning an event is tough, we get it. Will everyone enjoy themselves? Will expectations be met? So many questions that cannot truly be answered until the big day. The only thing we can guarantee will go smoothly is obtaining your special event insurance with Insureberry. Our team is ready to talk with and our application process is short, sharp, and to the point. If your event plans change after you’ve created your policy with us, then fear not. We can make coverage amendments right up until the event itself. Give our agents a call today for unbeatable event insurance.


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