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Trey W.

Christina was very helpful with getting my son transitioned over to his own auto policy from my policy. I believe I have been a member of AgWorkers since 1995 and I appreciate you guys insuring my son and Christina's making it seamless. Thanks

Benjamin O.

You have a quite reasonable rate and l like how personally involved and helpful you guys have been.

Cindy G.

Great customer support

James J.

Y’all are the best And easiest to work with

Lorrie B.

Candace Platis was incredibly easy to work with, communicated so well and effectively. The customer service was just fantastic. Even the insurance adjuster that came out to inspect the house was so kind and easy to work with.

Cullen D.

Terry Reaves was and is extremely helpful to me regarding all my insurance needs on my home, boyhood home, barn, and farm and ranch. She's very patient in answering all my questions, and it has always been a pleasure conducting business with her. I've been with Ag Workers since 1972, and I've always been pleased with all my business relations with them. Thanks for taking good care of me and my family.

Marvin B.

We have had Agg workers for years. Great price, great service and most of all great people. Now, with the option to insure house as well as out vehicles make the service even better

Kelly P.

Very friendly and professional people. That have gone above and beyond every time I needed them. Thanks

Shane S.

I had never had flood ins before so I knew nothing about it. Lael Brush was very friendly, patient and worked hard to get my flood insurance where I needed it to be.

Jacobi O.

Very courteous and helpful with determining the type of policy that was best for me.

Charles P.

Prompt follow up. Very good communications

Norman A.

A friendly and knowledgeable representative is vital, and you have that with Jessica. She got back to me quickly and was persistent enough to keep me connected, but not over bearing. She got me all the coverage I needed, saved me money, and all in a timely manner. I’m a happy customer.

Fritz N.

I know the people who work for the company and they all are dedicated individuals who's only goal is to help people find just the right insurance for them and to make sure of their complete satisfaction with the results.

Angie M.

stephanie calvin and the entire staff helped me get my insurance quickly, at a fair price, and took care of all my needs.awesome team! thank you.

Fannie B.

Candace Platis is the reason. Professional, and helpful beyond belief. Such a jewel of an employee!

Todd M.

I feel very confident I'm getting the best value for my insurance needs. In addition, I know I can always call and talk to a kind person who genuinely wants to help me. That's a pretty big reason to stay with Insureberry and recommend them to others.

Micah R.

Prompt. Good rates. And friendly.

David B.

Good friendly customer service that did what she said she was going to do. Easy to complete and a good value.

Edwin L.

Always friendly and responsive.

Robert S.

Friendly staff, easy to work with and get an answer when you have a question or concern

Alan Y.

Good service

Raymundo G.

Pleasant to talk to and very helpful at all times

Sudhakhar S.

candace provided excellent customer service, we resolved on the matter related to getting my home insurance renewed on friday

Athleen S.

The service is always great nothing needs to be improved.

Jay G.

Excellent customer service and the way you explained our policy

Zac R.

I loved the agent’s helpfulness.

Tom B.

You take care of what i need when I need something and I’m a timely manner

Joseph D.

Quick responses and great prices!

Jefferson F.

Honest punctual communication!

Mark C.

Prompt service and great prices

Joey P.

You guys were helpful in making sure i got what insurance and coverage i needed and in a timely manner hassle free!

Joslyn M.

Super helpful and informative. Listened to exactly what I wanted without being pushy! Love being a customer!

Jose L.

Most helpful people, a pleasure to deal with

John D.

I have been with this company for over 30 years. This service and people are top notch and they take very good care of me.

Sidney N.

Lael is always a prompt reply to questions and knowledable about their products

Stanley J.

Very polite and helpful answering questions about my insurance needs

Dana S.

Very friendly customer service. Less recordings more actual people.

Mindy N.

I have heard back from several people I have referred to you and they were so happy they hugged me. Thank you for being everything I told them about you.

William A.

Fairly priced insurance and helpful people

Sharon B.

The three “p”s: professionalism, patience, and a “people-first” attitude. Valuing customers' time, having a pleasant attitude, and providing knowledgeable and resourceful resources which take things a step further to exceed — rather than just meet — expectations.

Phillip W.

Our agent has been so helpful and attentive. Any questions or concerns and she responded immediately. The great prices help too, but not as much as the great customer service.

Gary C.

You respond quickly to claims, and you have great customer service.

Maria L.

Mercedes is gentil and super professional

Sheridan D.

Excellent service and prompt replies. The prices make it even better.

Louraiseal M.

Excellent Customer Service

Rick C.

Your rates are far better than engine else we found and your customer service is awesome!

Vanessa K.

They made the whole process extremely easy and Jessica was amazing at answering every single question.

Ron L.

Price Friendly Responsive

Duane S.

Great customer service from real people in the USA. We feel like we are not just a number but are valued clients.

Mark W.

The customer service is always outstanding!!

Candace R.

Really appreciate the knowledge regarding coverage and options. Also love the ease in which you are able to speak to an actual human being. Their personalized care and customer service goes a long way!

Jessie R.

Very prompt response to our damages from the Winter storm in February, 2021.

Randy S.

Candace is very personable and super helpful. I have already recommended her to my in-laws. 🙂

Marco G.


Melisa R.

We are grateful to know you guys are in our corner if we should ever need you!

Robert A.

Mercedes was very helpful in getting my new home insured. She as well helped me with auto insurance as well. She knows what she's doing and has helped me so much. I appreciate her expertise in the insurance field. Hats off to a super person to deal with.

Donna S.

Always answer questions in a knowledgeable speedy manner.

William D.

You guys provided great service & answered all correspondence right away. Great customer service doesn’t happen like it used. So when we get it, I definitely want to share the providers with others.

Tommy E.

You are extremely competitive because your practices have always warranted good risk people and you have a staff I feel like I can personally visit with should an issue arise. You speak my language!

Wayla B.

The service I have received has been wonderful & the price exceptional.

Susan S.

Easy to contact and communicate.

Ruthie B.

I have been a very satisfied customer for a long time. It is the most economical coverage that I have found. And if I have a question or a problem, it is always taken care of in a timely manner.

Richard H.

Honest and prompt service. So easy to work with.

Kenneth E.

I received a invitation to join the AgWorker's Ins COOP several years ago and the policies for my homeowner's and auto insurance were substantially less my current policies with other insurance groups. I still get other quotes every 2-3 years but AgWorkerr's is still the best rates.


Great job, quick response

Glay S.

Good pricing, easy to do business with.

Don G.

Great service and affordable price.

Kurt Y.

Shelby was very helpful and resourceful in finding us a lower rate for our homeowners insurance. She answered all of our questions and was very quick in getting our new policy taken care of. Very easy to work with and would recommend to anyone.

Coby S.

Great work. Glad to be associated with such a great company. Keep it up!

Charlotte G.

We just like doing business with Mercedes she is very knowledgeable and courteous - easy to understand what she’s talking about - very helpful

Ronald G.

Lael d incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, & friendly.

Alan C.

On every call I have made everyone has been very helpful. All the questions I have had were answered and a very timely manner. I look for this to be a long term relationship.

Steven F.

Mercedes, you were emailing me one morning about 6:30 am which told me you were taking care of us beyond normal business hours and that was greatly appreciated to the fact I communicated to Marcus Hill your commitment to the job.

Donald W.

Good service

Erik S.

I am every happy with the insurance agent and the company. Donna Dromgoole has always answer all question and had taken care of my car and home INS in a timely manner for years. Thank you so much. Erik Sanders

Charles S.

Great customer service. And there when we need help

Beverly L.

You have always been there to answer any questions. Thank you

Mary M.

Evelyn was kind, patient, and explained everything very simply to me. She helped me switch insurances and made it so painless! I would recommend her to anyone!

Edwin E.

Great customer service and very fast responses.

Charles F.

Very attentive to my needs.

Toni H.

Customer service is awesome!

Warren W.

Shelby's patience with us was very appreciated! She works extremely hard and puts in that 'extra hour' and makes yet one more call just to make certain we understand and are at ease with our decisions.

Karen C.

Great customer service

Scott I.

Everything. It was a great experience and got you from Dave Ramsey as an ELP.

Susan R.

Candance, you have been very helpful and worked to get me the right insurance for what I need.

Terry A.

You all have been so helpful and nice since we began with you. Thank you. Terry and Phyllis

Richard M.

Handled my claim very well

Ceddric A.

We like the fact that we had constant communication and knew exactly what we were getting covered with our policy. Very professional and friendly staff made it easy to choose your company for our insurance needs.

Melissa B.

Very helpful and friendly.

E R.

When I decided to go with your quote, you worked expeditiously to bind my coverage. I was proud.

William H.

We love the personal feel of a smaller company. Don’t sell out!

Jon C.

Staff is super friendly, willing to answer and explain everything about questions you have. And, they do it it enthusiastically, don't make you feel like a burden. First Insurance company I have not dreaded contacting with questions/issues.

Robert S.

My contact person (Terry) was extremely helpful and kept us informed through the entire process. We’ve been insured with RVOS now Insureberry for many years and have always had great service

Raymundo G.

Courteous, and promptly

Tewodros K.

Stephanie Calvin did great job and got good price

Margaret R.

I recommended you all to a friend , who is now a delighted new customer !!

Rebecca G.

Correspondence is always reliable. Questions are always quickly answered and problems are always taken care of. Candace Platis is the wonderful person that I call or email for anything I need. Very helpful.

Rick B.

Shelby was really personable & well informed. Felt like she was on my side.

Kevin W.

You all were great to work with when I had my accident

Joseph C.

Insureberry has been great to work with. I have been an auto policyholder for ~12 years, and carry an umbrella, homeowners, and flood policy. The auto policies have really best tremendous value.

Leon Z.

Friendly and courteous.

John D.

Insureberry searched and found the best insurance rate for us when there was a price increase with the provider we were using. Insureberry notified us of the price increase and found us a new provider with a better rate.

Michael B.

Good response time to my needs

Frank B.

Insureberry has been my insurance company for many years. They have always been very responsive and have processed any claims in an efficient and highly satisfactory manner.

John C.

Mercedes was very professional and the auto insurance rate I received was very competitive.

Kelly H.

We love the feeling of knowing the person on the other end of the phone understands our needs as a client. Robin has been very helpful, friendly and willing to do what it takes to get our insurance needs at the best rate.

Gennifer B.

I have been with Agworkers for years and been with insureberry since before they were named this. I love the fact they treat their customers like family trying to get them the best possible coverage. I enjoy having my polciies meet me where I need them too. The customer service is unbeatable as they are always so willing to make sute they heard your needs or wants or concerns and address them properly.

Amy S.

Rhonda, your personalized thank you card was an unexpected level of care and customer service; thank you! I could not have asked for a more pleasant experience - from getting a quote to all the way through the process.

Leon L.

We haven't had a need to file a claim for almost a decade, but when we did your team handled it quickly with no hesitation. I've heard horror stories in the past dealing with insurance companies when a claim is filed, but it was as painless as could be. On top of that my rates didn't shoot through the roof as I expected. Still the most competitive rates offered.

Fred C.

Great, friendly customer service when I came to Ag Workers looking for boat insurance

Sidney N.

Always prompt and courteous service

Jerry K.

Great customer service and great rates

Deborah S.

Best Customer Service in the business !

Mark W.

I have been very pleased with the service and the rates.

Leslie B.

Always helpful and prompt

James N.

Great personnel and great rates.

Reed G.

Mercedes was very nice

Jana M.

Very helpful people.

Louis R.

Went above and beyond our expectations to help us get the coverage we needed


I have tried many insurance companies in my adult life. I have never found any that compare favorably to Insureberry . I joined them in the late ‘60s and I can’t imagine ever leaving them.

Louraiseal M.

Excellent Service

Christina M.

Great service and a variety of options. Very friendly staff!!

Weldon A.

Y’all work as a team, I like that.

Patrick B.

Rhonda has done a fabulous job for us and helped us through a claim as well as updating our ranch coverage. I highly recommend her for your insurance needs. We have been with AgPro (Insurberry) for many years!!

Landon Y.

Friendly staff who is pleasant to work with

Margie H.

We are very pleased with Ag Workers coverage of our home and car. Very professional and caring for our particular needs. Marvin & Margie Howeth

Denise O.

Employee help is number one easy to contact and very helpful with all our needs. Thank you!

Sheila H.

Amazing, friendly and informative customer service. I never dread calling for any reason.

Ryan A.

I appreciate AGWorkers insurance because of the peace of mind it gives me. I know that if something happens, I'll be taken care of. That security is priceless.

Jerry M.

I have been with Ag Workers since 1970 and I feel I have always got my questions answered in a timely matter and a fair price for my auto insurance. When in did have a claim it has never been a problem. Thank you!

Clayton S.

Just being nice and receptive

Mitcheal M.

It is great to deal with folks in Texas and live on the phone! We especially like the option of choosing our deductible. That was a huge selling point.

Douglas S.

Have been a member for 67 years excluding 6 out of state when I wasn't eligible! It is a great company to be associated with and their dividieends make them unbeataible!

Kolby K.

Robin was so awesome and helpful! My first time getting insurance she had the best information and was able to get me the insurance I needed! She has great communication and was on top of things throughout the whole process!

Donna S.

You always take care of our needs in a timely manner. We feel very secure in our insurance choice.

Emily M.

I was very glad to find this company and this policy. I got a much better price than my former policy. Thanks!

Jeff M.

Insuranceberry shopped for the best policy to fit my family’s needs. They have provided answers when we need them and when I needed a claim adjuster, they had him here. They promptly paid the claim to my satisfaction. I have been an Ag Workers customer since 1986 and will continue to be one.

Gerald B.

A Great company to serve you, Great deals, a company you can count on. In life as hard as things are & worry about, It’s a company you don’t loose sleep over, knowing your protected & not being ripped off.

Susan S.

Excellent service and prices.

Charles L.

Any time I call you are very helpful and kind.

Timothy D.

You are quick to take care of claims and make the process really easy! Thanks!!!

Valery R.

Great service and and pricing

Shirley L.

Our experience in changing back to AgWorkers (after a stent with another company) was made easy by the professional assistance of Mercedes. Despite the timing being only shortly after the work from home practice was put in place and having that disadvantage, she made the process simple and easy. Having to submit a wildlife damage claim was also an easy process. Derrell and Shirley


Terri has been a absolute thrill to work with and so very nice! Krysta has been super as well and after 25 years with another insurance company; i was reluctant to change but these ladies have made it incredibly easy and I would recommend Ag Pro to anyone who has the opportunity to make the change!


Robin Dres has helped us on various occasions . She is an absolute delight to work with and we have so much confidence in her professionalism, quick turn around in problem solving and knowing her industry. Way to go Agworkers, she is a great representative of your company!


Donna has been my agent for a couple of years. She works hard to provided great service and find great rates.

Beverly L.

Quite pleased. Donna Dromgoole is an asset. She helped us get what we needed

Roland L.

Efficient, courteous service. Reasonable rates. Attention to coverage needs and changes.

Robert P.

Andi was great with her help in selecting a new insurance provider when the existing one decided to raise premiums and deductibles. She also took a personal interest in assisting with a claim and helped resolve the situation.

Ramona K.

During my price comparison, insureberry continued to be the best value plan for me.

Randy S.

Super friendly and efficient customer service!!

Lindsey G.

We love Mercedes!! She is fantastic! Like most people, we don’t deal with insurance on a daily basis, so it’s great to have someone so knowledgeable explain it to us. We are so grateful for the simple and easy process. - Lindsey & Caleb

Mark W.

Your service is excellent and I always feel like you go the extra mile to support the policy holder. I doubt that is true with most insurance companies!!

Laura S.

Always friendly and helpful when I call with a question. Nice to talk to a real person. Great customer service.

Kelly G.

You do a fantastic job of looking after my insurance needs.

Kelly B.

Great price combined with knowledgeable, professional, friendly service.

Joseph D.

I took out my first vehicle insurance policy with Ag Workers over 50 years ago. You don't stay with an insurance company that long unless you are 100% satisfied with their service. If they are that good with automobiles, they have to be equally good with home owner insurance.

John N.

Friendly service. Great front line people.

Jennifer W.

Easy interactions, prompt service.

Heather A.

Customer care is top notch. Feel like we are talking with family friends, rather than a company.

Glenn B.

It was very easy and you were so pleasant to deal with.

Don G.

My questions were answered quickly and satisfactorily. Good work!

Gaye G.

Lael was kind and efficient from the first time we spoke. I had several questions and she was always polite and helpful in answering every one of them.

Charles S.

Prompt service, quick processing of claim, used pictures from Ford dealership taken by Ford employee so we did not have to wait for an adjuster to come in person. The check for repair was issued promptly also. The Access Ford Dealership repaired the truck perfectly like new. We are very happy and satisfied with everyone involved. Thank you very much.

Charles B.

Live person to talk to, answered questions and reminded me about upcoming renewal.

Wanda L.

Good service

Carla L.

Your customer service is awesome. The pricing for coverage is very good if not the best. Suggest sending out more name change reminders via email for a while until the new name imprints.

Mary S.

I like having everything in one place especially when you have more than one property - the rates are very competitive and the customer service is great

Mark K.

Fast response, easy to work with. Very Friendly, did what was best for us

Toni H.

Always there to answer questions or provide information!

Delton N.

You were honest and quoted Policies with like or better coverage. Previous Company mis quoted me and told me coverage was same. They lowered coverage and raised deductible. I only realized the problem when I had a loss. Then they canceled my coverage.

Jon C.

Very attentive to needs.

Cathy S.

Friendly and great service!

Martha B.

Helpful w/ info and cost about policy and contact info my credit union to pay in escrow

Luis F.

Quick and efficient always.

Lynette S.

Better coverage than our last home insurance carrier with lower cost premium!

Stephen S.

Very responsive and helpful on offerings and recommendations on what we needed for our insurance needs. Very helpful in choosing coverages that matched our needs. Anytime we have had a question you all have been very quick to respond and get us the information needed. Thank you

Robert O.

Great service and value

Kimberly G.

Darin S.

Quick and easy. Was a policy holder for years but had to leave for a few. Glad to be back.

Mark M.

I like the value for the coverage and the personal attention given.

Oliver L.

Good prices and good service.

Lucia M.

Caring, Bilingual agents with great customer service.

David B.

Friendly, helpful representatives are always available. They take the time to explain policies and answer any questions we have. They also make sure we get the best deal for our money!

Maria S.

Have had no problems working with you all.... all goes smoothly

Gary E.

Competitive rates Easy / quick access to agents

William H.

You have wonderful people that answer the phone- send you to the right person & answer any question . I have my home owners through RVOS & when I explained about a new tractor they recommended that I get a different policy- Good company with excellent employees.

Christopher C.

You guys are great! Thanks for taking care of us.

Angela T.

Your prices are the absolute best and and customer service is second to none.

Charles A.

Great customer service. Always willing to answer all my questions.

Kathleen L.

Yes I like the fact that y’all cover multiple items such as house and auto and barns and farm and ranch items also.

Marilyn C.

I always get to talk to a person promptly. People are very polite, sincere, and willing to help you get answers to questions.

Edward C.

You are always available we the need arises and have been great in providing us and our family members great car insurance. This past year we also added our house and have always have been satisficed with the service and offerings.

Clayton M.

Gave a quick response with your service. You were slightly below in your quotes. You did what you said you would do and were easy to work with.

Ben R.

The pricing of home owners insurance, property taxes, and medical insurance are major concerns for all senior citizens. Many of us have very strained financial conditions and the protections which you offer are very competitively priced. Fortunately we have had no claims, but we do have peace of mind that we are covered if needs arise.

Kyle B.

The attention to detail to guarantee the process of selling and purchasing a home at the same time went off without a hitch.

Jason S.

You make the process easy. Any changes I ever needed to make we seamless and a great price is icing on the cake. Thanks

Gary M.

We are provided several payment options and that helps on budgeting.

Vanessa G.

Everything! The customer service is amazing and price is right!

Teresa J.

Prompt service

Ronnie C.

Always available to help and answer questions, and handled claims in a very timely manner!

Jesus M.

Value, nobody even comes close to your rates, I have checked several times. Additionally your response time, understanding and concern is wonderful.

Gregory M.

It has been very easy to communicate with y’all and you take care of my insurance needs promptly!

Kathleen G.

Always you are ready to help.

Robert P.

You guys were on the ball a d very prompt. Anytime we had a question it was answered very timely. Accessible was incredible. We just moved into our new house and it has been a struggle dealing with other businesses to get things completed. We have actually called some of them over 10 times with no response. One call to you guys and a few questions and it was completed.

Stephen H.

When a problem occurs, you have always been there to help.

Arnold K.

Robin was very helpful in finding a homeowners policy based on my requirements.

Jim D.

Customer service is fantastic. If we do not understand something or there has been a mistake you all are always quick to respond to our concerns and make things right!

Rigoberto L.

I can’t say enough about Ms. Terri Reaves. She want extremely helpful and persistent. She worked with us to get the Declaration for our policy. She kept us informed on the status of the issue. She also worked with our refinance company to get our home covered. She did a fantastic job!

Jerry F.

Have always taken care of us in a fair and speedy fashion

Robbin M.

Great prices, friendly people, quick response, and easy to work with.

Mark W.

Kathy provided feedback earlier. We have been thrilled to have Lael work with us and provide very good service.

Amy C.

Always answering questions and providing great rates

Christine P.


Aimee H.

Everyone is always helpful and eager to share information if we have to call and make changes on our policy.

Alissa C.

Great Service and Price.

Alissa C.

Quick on the draw. I was happy you got back to me in a timely manner for the products I was shopping for.


Excellent communication and very easy to work with


You are knowledgeable and easy to talk to.anout our needs.


Searched for options to home owner insurance. Shelby answered all our questions. Shelby has always been professional, patient, and personable.


Very helpful and insightful. They will answer any questions you have in a timely manner.


Cheaper rates


You responded very quickly. It was nice you could do text messaging. It was honestly surprisingly simple and quick.


Very helpful


Communication & price


Donna was truly amazing in helping me navigate a challenging situation with getting new auto insurance. She went above and beyond and I am grateful!


Friendly, competent service with great rates!


You were very helpful and always called back quickly. You answered my questions and tried to save me money whenever possible.


Great service and knowledgeable staff.


Customer service, price.


Personal and fast action


Great personal attention to insurance needs.


Robin is very quick to respond and definitely can get a better product than I can on my own. I strongly recommend that you try Insureberry when looking for insurance. Robin will save you time and money.


Timely reminders, clear direction & information make this insurance company an easy choice. Thanks for your professionalism!


Y’all were easy to work with, and very friendly.


Although I have my car insured through Ag Workers for several decades, I only added my homeowners policy a couple of years ago. I appreciate the prompt professional & courteous service provided whenever I had a question on my policy coverage. I am not computer or tech savvy, and I especially appreciate that I can “talk” to agents as opposed to doing transactions solely online.


Setting up the policy was easy and quick. We are not constantly pressured to get more insurance. And the auto pay makes paying for it well, automatic. So far no complaints.


Shelby searched to find the best insurance for me, and was so kind and pleasant. She understands agriculture. Very comfortable with Shelby handling my policies.


Stephanie, is always so attentive and takes the time to understand what I need and makes sure that my needs are met.


Demonstrated a sincere interest in helping me find the coverage desired with an affordable premium. There was not the "hurry up" push that is often encountered in securing"over-the-phone" quotes with some companies.


Easy to communicate. I can call and speak with a real person almost instantly.


Very good service!


I was advised and received insurance the same day. Very helpful and courteous.


Provided needed service


Great customer service


Reliable and friendly when I call with a change or question. Lower rates than most insurances I’ve found.


We paid so much less for better coverage with insurberry than with our previous insurance…..amazing.


The Staff are always eager to help us, they respond quickly, and know how to help. We are happy with the rates that are offered for our homeowners policy.


Everyone I talked to was very nice and professional


Convenient and good rates!


Customer service at Ag Workers has always been very helpful.


Customer Service has always been courteous, responsive and most helpful whenever I call for any reason.


Ms. Platus is amazing


Simple process, quote, and buy


I was contacted by Insureberry when my previous insurance company raised the premium drastically. The agent at Insureberry asked me if I wanted to switch to another insurance company that Insureberry has found which offered the same coverage with lower premium. THIS WAS FANTASTIC! Since then, I am recommending other people who look for an option for their home insurance.


The price!


Candace was very thorough, patient and persistent in making sure we got the best coverage possible.


Candice went above and beyond my expectations to make sure I was covered.


Great job finding the best deals on homeowner policy. Always available to answer questions and help with claims.


You most helpful for my situation.


I love being able to call and talk to someone locally that can handle any policy issues!


I feel you always do your best to serve and help us find the best policies to meet our needs. I do wish that a discount could be offered for bundling when we go through you for all our insurance but have different providers fit different needs. I think it should still be considered bundling when we do this.


Very effective, knowledgeable and professional staff.


Rhonda, You were very prompt and professional when shopping my home owners insurance and made it a very easy process. I most appreciate it.


Went above and beyond with my many requests and vehicle changes


Helpful and friendly service. Good price on car insurance.


Everyone at Ag Workers has been great. They always take care of our needs. We have had Ag Workers auto insurance since 1976 and Homeowners for last 8 - 10 years. We would not have been a repeat customer if we were not satisfied. Thank you.


Service is superb and response to questions and claims is unmatched.


Robin has always given us excellent service with the best rates out there.


Quick and easy service at affordable prices! Any questions are answered prompltly.


Worked to locate best value for our insurance needs.


Shelby was very helpful and patient through our house buying experience which was chaos. We were so happy with our previous experience that there was no question with the company we wanted to do business with on our new home.


You helped us know what we needed to do to get the insurance. Like putting steps on the barns & railing on house. It is better to know upfront what needs to be done than find out after someone gets hurt or has an accident. Thanks for all the help.


Awesome customer service.


Your company is easy to work with insuring our home.


Good service!


Before we went into the office we were given the information we needed to make a decision on our insurance. Then Candace gave us personal attention while at our meeting.


Good service and very friendly people to take care of us.


Always great, friendly service at a good price.


My agent is very professional and helpful. She works to ensure I receive the best possible cost effective policy.


We couldn't be happier with AG workers insureberry auto insurance. Thanks!


Excellent customer service.


Great and uncomplicated service with fair prices.


Your agent is always easy to reach and able to answer all our questions


The agent followed up in a timely manner and always answered my concerns and questions Thank you


Had our insurance for a very long time. (25 years plus). No issues


Good pricing, customer service.


Very responsive and helpful


Great value - good price and excellent customer service.


The whole process has been quick and easy to sign up for our car insurance.


They worked so well with us as we changed over our insurance. Very accommodating!


Always prompt with answering questions. Also they can handle almost any scenario and is a one stop shop.


Efficiency and quick call backs!


Easy to work with. Great rates!


Very helpful staff.


I love the personal service. I actually got to talk to a real person and ask questions. I am so tired of companies that require all contact to be on line. Clicking on boxes is not personal service because there can never be enough boxes to answer each individual questions of every person.


We appreciate the response on our hail damage claim in April.


Effective communication with clients.


Cory was very helpful throughout the whole process of getting me set up for an auto insurance policy. Everything from the quote to the sign up process went smooth. The prices offered through AgWorkers/Insureberry are by far the best I have found. I was extremely appreciative that Cory took the time to shop around for homeowner's insurance and informed me the current policy I have is better than anything he could offer. I appreciated how open and honest Cory was through the whole process.


Quick response back on quote so we could make a decision. Easy to contact and quick response back.


Candice had a positive attitude and took the time to understand our needs.


Prompt service and courteous agents.


Lael has taken care of all our insurance needs when we were building a new home! She keeps us up to date on the insurance climate and offerings of Insureberry. We couldn't ask for a better representative!!


You were very polite and helpful!


You worked very hard to meet our specific needs in a very cordial, yet professional manner,


Quick and courteous feedback. Questions were all answered.


We have always received excellent service from the representatives we talk to. They answer our questions, and take the time to explain certain aspects of our policies. The only thing I wish they would do more of is having more features on their app or online.


Easy quote and response time frame


Communication was great and efficient. I found the process very smooth when going over the information with my rep.


Very helpful and sent follow up emails


Low Premiums. Good Customer Service. Trustworthy Insurance.


Prices are not out of line. Response to inquires have always been prompt. I had a request to check my home for hail damage and although there was not enough damage for a claim the inspector explained why and was very professional.


Everything was done right! Thx


Great follow up, customer service.


Once I questioned our rate increase, a new quote was given with a different carrier for better coverage and a much better rate.


Super easy to get ahold of and took the time to explain what I needed.


Great customer service and very competitive prices.


Terri was very helpful.


Always great service!


Very friendly staff and fair rates!


Very knowledgeable and helpful!


Everything from adding new vehicles, drivers, changing coverage or filing a claim is so easy. Wish more companies would adopt your culture.


The insurance quote was done in a very timely manner. The rate of the insurance premium was also very competitive.


The employees were very quick at responding to any questions I had and talking me through what my plan options were. The ease of applying was great as well. I liked being able to talk to an employee when I wanted instead of trying to figure everything out on the computer myself.


Easy process to set up


Great follow up to our questions


Confidence in the company and the products offered. Helpfulness of staff when calling for information/assistance


I appreciate the prompt and personal service.


Everyone has been incredibly knowledgeable and helpful through the process.


Anytime I’ve ever called, my representative has been friendly, smart, super helpful & prompt with any answers.


This company has great policies and the customer service is amazing! Would definitely recommend to others


Great rates! We have had no issues when adding/changing to policies.


Always prompt with any issue I have had in the 40 plus years I have had Ag Workers insurance. Very satisfied.


Ms. Evelyn Gonzalez was attentive to my needs, processed my paperwork in quick and professional manner. She was fantastic!!


Great rates and wonderful customer service! Evelyn was very helpful while setting up my policy.


Very helpful and prompt


The process of acquiring auto insurance was quick and painless. Insureberry staff was very friendly and efficient!


Customer service and simple transactions.


Very helpful and courteous with providing insurance coverage. Great rates


Terri was very helpful to me as I transitioned from an insurance company that I had used for 47 years to Ag Workers (Insureberry). I have another large commercial policy that I will be transferring to Insureberry this fall. Terri answered all my questions, as I had many. Ag Workers has been insuring my rolling stock since 1972, and we've had excellent coverage for affordable premiums.


Lael has been very helpful and great to deal with!


Very helpful and informative


Everything has been great, no complaints


You found me the coverage I wanted, at the price I liked.


Very friendly over the phone. This was one of my first “adult” moments and I was nervous but the kind and patient energy was a relief!


Customer Service is always #1


AgPro is easy to to business with from all aspects including cost, ease of claims, etc. Thanks


Very helpful and knowledgeable!!


AgPro is easy to to business with from all aspects including cost, ease of claims, etc. Thanks


Very helpful and knowledgeable!!


Personalized, caring, detailed associates that are humans, not robots!


Always quick and understanding on anything or any questions we have.


Mercedes was very friendly and easy to communicate with! 🙂


Always speedy and professional service


Lowered rates while adding coverage


Low price compared to my travelers account is enough to make me happy


good prices and pays claims when needed without exorbitant price hikes.


Ag Pro has saved us so much money over the years.


Process has been fairly easy and cost is very reasonable.


Very easy to work with, great customer service.


I am always able to get a real person on the phone to help with my needs. They have always been friendly and have taken good care of me.


Main thing is cost for value. Agents have been available and helpful.


Candace did a great job finding a carrier that provides the coverage I need at a premium I can afford. Being retired, and on a fixed income, that’s important to me. Thank you, InsureBerry.


Got us taken care of on our claim in 2019, and are helping us with our current one. Thanks!


Employees are helpful determining necessary insurance needs. Prices are very competitive


Quick response


I called Lael for a new policy and had a quote within 2 hours and a new policy also.


Fast and Friendly Service!


Staff is always friendly and helpful and the price of insurance is always reasonable.


Have always been prompt with questions and claims


Very quick response on a hail damage claim.


I can easily talk to a real person


I love that I have peace of mind concerning my insurance coverage.


It was great working with you always a prompt response


Very polite and patient with me for taking so long to gather my materials for being a new customer.


Everyone is always friendly and helpful.


Terri is always professional and explains things very thoroughly. And, she follows through.


Insureberry has been easy to work with in regard to our residence insurance. They keep us informed through email about the company and have always been attentive to any questions we have.


Not only are the rates great but the staff is so awesome and helpful!


Friendly & good to work with.


We have been with AgWorkers insurance since 1978. We have never had an issue, clams were resolved quickly and satisfactory.


Providing affordable insurance


Service and pricing have been great for auto and home.


Reasonable rates, prompt service on claims.


Very professional service, great people, great attitudes


Everything has always been great.


Leslie listened to my concerns and went right to work at helping me!


Always available to help with any issues or answer questions. Willingness to work to find the very best policy for our situation.


Customer service is awesome!


The premiums are very competitive with other insurance companies and you were committed to helping us receive the best quote in a very timely manner. The new name will be hard to promote. InsureTexas would be much more catchy or if it is nationwide, InsureAmerica.


Low rates and good service


Anytime I needed to call, everyone has been so friendly and helpful and you do not have to go around the world to get answers to questions or for help.


Had this insurance for years. Very easy to work with employees have always been courteous and efficient. Top notch service every time


Competitively price and great service. You always address my concerns and don’t act like it is inconvenient to help.


Good pricing


Greatly appreciate the very good service.


You have been very helpful and I have no complaints.


Prompt return calls. You do all the research and find us home insurance with the same coverage that was more affordable which saves us time & money.


They are always willing to spend time on the phone with you to explain and adjust coverage to fit your needs.


The quality of service is unbeatable. The ability to talk to a real person without hoops to jump through and customer service is excellent.


Good knowledge answers to my questions and friendly service


The quick response time on getting our insurance policies updated and the great knowledge of working towards the best policy coverage that fits our needs.


Customer service and reasonable rates


The staff is professional, courteous and helpful. They are very knowledgeable. Quality insurance products at reasonable rates.


The price was right, and very friendly and helpful people to work with.


Terri was terrific in getting us signed up. Been with Ag Workers for decades.


Your service representative are professional and take care of the customers.


Lael gave us options to consider along with answering all our questions about the insurance offerings! Great customer service and timely responses!


Friendly and personal service. No automated system


Shelby and Courtney are the best agents we have had in a long time and we can say decades. They are thorough, professional and care for their customers and proud of the company they work for.


I especially like that you answer the phone or text. That is part of the reason I left my prior agents, is because I could never make a quick call to them. Always had to either go to the office to get them to take care of a need or email them. Thank you.


Your team members are always courteous, polite and helpful and your rates are as good as any.


We love the great service and savings you offer your customers!




Donna was really great taking the time to get multiple quotes together for us and find us the best possible policy to fit our needs.


Swift and dedicated service


Professional yet personal relationship with our Agent’s in assuring accurate assessment of requirements necessary to service our needs in a competitive market with integrity.


Good communication


The rates are good and so is the communication.


Easy to call and talk to a person, great staff, great rates and coverage


Terri is extremely helpful!


You understand ranch/ag issues.


I called from an auto dealership to add a new vehicle to our existing policy. The wait-time to speak to a rep was very short, and my request was immediately implemented by the very personable and professional assistant.


Kind, helpful and patient! All my questions were answered fast and efficient!


Leslie Konkle, my rep, has always been very responsive and accommodating...a pleasure to work with.


Very helpful. Seamless process


You all make insurance affordable and easy.


Competitive rates and pointing out things around the premises that could be a hazard


Candace is what you did right! A pleasure to work with.


Being able to call or email and have someone get back to us either with a response or additional information.


Always helpful and follow through with claims in a timely manner. Rates are okay too.


Excellent service. Professional staff. Always very helpful.


Happy with rate on auto insurance, lower prices than other insurance companies




Customer Service and follow up was excellent.


Easy service and good prices


Best prices. Good service. Combined coverage with auto via Ag Workers.


kept working on my umbrella insurance policy until we were happy with the cost and the coverage.


Price, friendly service

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