4 Quick Tips for Driving in a Hailstorm

In Texas, hailstorms are not out of the ordinary. Hail-related insured losses are now estimated to cause an average of $15 billion in damage to homes, cars, and crops each year. In 2017, hail cost Americans $22 billion in damages. So far, in April of 2021, we are on pace to top that record.

What to do while you are driving in a hailstorm:

1. Slow Down or Stop, If Possible

With hail coming down, driving fast will only increase the likelihood of further damage. Find a safe place to stop and wait out the storm. If you can find some type of covered parking, possibly at a gas station or parking garage, that would be ideal.

2. Angle Your Vehicle

Angle your vehicle, so the hail hits the reinforced windshield rather than the side or back of your car.

3. Remain In Your Vehicle

You may be tempted to leave to find refuge. You have protection while in your car and could be severely injured running to a new location. Just remain calm and wait the storm out.

4. Cover Yourself

If it is large hail, make sure to cover your head and eyes. Use your clothes such as jackets, or if you have a blanket in the car, to cover yourself. Broken glass can be very dangerous and would be more likely to break the side and back windows.

To be safe, always be prepared and understand your weather situation before it happens. When bad storms are coming, know where you will be at and have a plan of action. Car covers are only good if you have time to set them up, as well as garages if you have time to park inside them.

For more safety tips, check out our article on how to prepare for tornado season.

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