22 Noteworthy Tips for Newlyweds

The wedding is over, the reception is complete, and your honeymoon getaway has come to an end. Now it is time to start the rest of your lives together! If the prospect of “what now” seems a bit daunting, don’t worry—you are in the right place for some advice! 

Begin your happily ever after off on the right note with a few tips for newlyweds!

1. Accept Your Partner the Way They Are

It’s important to accept your partner the way they are. Now that you are married, neither one of you should try to change the other. Some of the best advice is to accept that you will never change your spouse. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t help each other create better habits, though. Part of a good marriage is learning and growing together. So, if one of you finds a certain behavior annoying, work together to discuss it and come to an understanding.

2. Adventure Often

Before your married lives get wrapped up in kids and houses, it’s a good idea to go on as many adventures as you can. Life with your partner can still be surprising and bold, with plenty of unexpected experiences along the way!

Your explorations can be large or small—travel to an exotic location or try an extreme sport. Alternatively, stick closer to home and try something new, or try a new restaurant with cuisine you wouldn’t typically order. It’s exciting when you’re together!

3. Always Support One Another

While you might not always agree, make sure never to put each other down or bicker in front of your friends, family, or work colleagues. You should always have each other’s back in public and save the disagreements for behind closed doors.

Additionally, avoid criticizing or complaining about your partner to people outside your marriage. Any such issues are between you and you alone!

4. Argue, but Argue Healthily

Arguments are inevitable in any relationship, be it marriage, family dynamic, or friendship. But how you handle disagreements with your partner will ultimately determine a great amount of happiness in your marriage.

It’s important to fight fairly when points of contention come up. Ditch the blame game, and do not use an argument as an excuse to be rude or disrespectful. Always remember that disagreements are momentary in the span of your lives together!

5. Be Decisive

Don’t be afraid to make big decisions even in the early days of your marriage. Keep in mind that most things are reversible, and compromises can be good for both parties. Moving, investing, and traveling are decisions not to shy away from, even at the outset.

6. Be Healthy Together

If your lifestyle does not already include it, try implementing more healthy routines into your days as a couple. Cook healthy meals with one another, go to the gym together, and support each other in living a happier, healthier lifestyle!

7. Be Independent and Interdependent

Being part of a couple doesn’t mean that all your interests need to be shared. Make sure that you retain your independence—go out and do things by yourself, then tell your partner all about your day.

Additionally, make time to grow together as a couple through shared activities. Choose one thing you can do every day together to help you become closer and feel even more excited about your life with your spouse.

8. Celebrate Your Milestones

Don’t let life become mundane or monotonous—when something big is achieved, or you reach a significant milestone, make sure to celebrate it! From your first house to a work promotion, your third wedding anniversary to adopting a puppy, mark your milestones.

Try planning a small getaway or staycation, booking a cooking lesson, or inviting some friends over for a bottle of bubbly and a cheeseboard. By embracing and celebrating all the steps you take together as a married couple, every day feels special!

9. Check-In with Each Other

Don’t forget to check in on your partner to see how they are doing in all the hustle and bustle of daily life. Make sure their needs are being met and see how their day has been. Don’t neglect to regularly ask yourself, “how can I be a better spouse?” and mean it!

10. Communicate Openly

Learn how to communicate effectively with your partner. While you likely already know how to share your opinions and discuss things after dating for as many years as you have, it’s even more important to have healthy communication after marriage.

It’s no secret that the happiest relationships are based on the foundation of good communication. Tell each other when something is wrong and get to know each other even more. 

11. Connect Together

Though your schedules might be hectic at times, it’s crucial to set aside time to connect and spend quality time together. Talk about your day and de-stress with your partner.

12. Cultivate Your Interests

It is a good idea to pursue your interests both individually and together. Don’t be afraid to devote time to your hobbies with like-minded friends before returning home to your spouse if they are not interested in such outings.

The healthiest marriages provide space to cultivate interests and develop hobbies together!

13. Discuss Finances and Budgets

Make sure always to be open and honest about the monetary aspect of your shared lives. Now that both of you are joined in marriage, the financial considerations will be doubled. 

Money is one of the most significant marriage stressors, so make time to sit down and talk about your finances together and work out a budget that both of you can follow. Don’t keep spending secrets from your partner—transparency is vital in marriage and money.

14. Don’t Forget Date Night

After the wedding, going on a date with your spouse might seem trivial. But experts advise that you never skip date night! Continue dating your significant other even after the wedding. 

Turn off your phones and make a nice meal, or go out for the evening to enjoy each other fully. Taking time to continue to get to know your partner is essential for a happy marriage.

15. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

A quintessential bit of advice is to not worry too much about the minor details. Ask yourself if it is worth stressing about—will it even matter tomorrow? By all means, if something is bothering you, speak up; but don’t sweat the small stuff.

16. Have Realistic Expectations

It’s important to enter your new marriage with realistic expectations for your partner, relationship, and the future. Don’t expect your marriage to emulate anyone else’s—be realistic with expectations, discuss them with your partner, and compromise.

17. Honesty is the Best Policy

In general, being open and honest with your partner is vital, but it is especially crucial when entering this next phase of your relationship as newlyweds. Honesty in your marriage creates a strong foundation of trust that will last.

18. Maintain Other Relationships

Your new husband or wife might be the apple of your eye, but it’s important to continue other relationships with family and friends outside of your marriage. The relationships you cultivated before marriage are just as important as your partner!

19. Plan for Emergencies

Hope for the best, plan for the worst—you never know what might be around the corner as newlyweds, whether financial difficulties or a family member falling ill. So, you should make sure to be prepared for a variety of issues that might arise.

Sit down together and make a realistic list of what could go wrong, including large worries like unemployment and sickness, as well as the smaller issues such as a lost credit card or a leaky sink. That way, you can plan how to handle problems in advance.

And don’t forget to add getting insurance to your plan, as it will come in handy when an emergency strikes.

20. Say “I Love You”

You can never say “I love you” too much! Even after years of being together, it’s essential not to lose that spark you have with your partner. Let them know what you love about them and give them your love every day. 

Send texts with kisses or leave romantic notes in their bag to let your partner know how much you care, and give them a pleasant little surprise during the day when they see the notes!

21. Set Long Term Goals

Plan for your future together and promote teamwork when you set long-term goals. It will give you a good sense of where your marriage is going and what the future might look like for both of you. 

Setting future goals is an exciting step in a new marriage and gives you both a sense of shared achievement!

22. Share Memories

Creating memories together is important for a healthy and happy marriage. But you should also revisit the special times you already have had. Share the memories of dating, being engaged, and getting married—reminisce about these times together.

The time has come for you and your newlywed to start the rest of your lives together. Whether you plan to travel the world or settle down and have kids, there are steps you should take to ensure a long and happy marriage together.

By following the tips above, you can enjoy your marriage and have a happy and healthy relationship with your partner.

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